Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

Almost every time you look out your window in our area you will find your squirrel, your rabbit and your occasional deer; but Bryan Southers spotted something that resembled a small kangaroo.  He couldn’t believe his eyes.

At first glance the creature actually looked like a large rabbit and then it hopped off and nope, that is definitely not a rabbit. The marsupial was spotted near the corner of East Maple and Elizabeth streets in Gastonia. Officials say it was not hurt nor was it causing any trouble.  This area is very close to Lineberger Park and Garrison Boulevard.

He looks perfectly healthy in the video and looks like he isn’t scared or malnourished. A Gaston county animal official reportedly told WBTV that the owner was located.  I have questions, why is it legal to own a wallaby?  Where is that sweet thing now? and why would you want to keep one at your home?  More will be revealed.