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We all have our own different sleep struggles, but most of us would agree that a good night’s rest is worth it’s weight in gold. I love falling off into a slumber while watching movies binging on favorite shows. Besides the immediate effects of daytime sleepiness and irritability, there’s trouble concentrating. For some of us it feels stressful and anxiousness when we can’t fall off to sleep. Di you know that sleep disturbance can lead to more chronic problems in the form of high blood pressure, diabetes and certain types of cancers? When it comes to your health, sleep is just as important as nutrition and exercise. So here are some products that could help!

Lavender oil- This item is the poster child for sleep products and is a well-known sleep aid across the globe. Whether you drip the essential oil into an oil diffuser or apply it directly to the soles of your feet, wrists, or palms. Lavender oil is said to induce a calming effect and promote relaxation. It’s very affordable and smells marvelous!

Sleep mask- If you find that you’re disturbed by any type of light when you sleep like streetlights, a mask will give you some peace of mind. It’s much easier to fall asleep and stay asleep with a sleep mask on.

White noise machines helps to get your sleep on as well. It sounds counterintuitive to need noise to fall asleep but white noise machines are helpful in drowning out other noises Bring the noise and get your hands on one of these. You won’t regret it.

Melatonin is a natural sleep hormone that works hand in hand with the body’s circadian rhythm. When melatonin is excreted from the pineal gland, it tells our mind and body that it’s time to clock out. Melatonin levels can be affected by stress, light, and caffeine. Adding melatonin to your nighttime routine can help to combat lower levels of the hormone. Give it a try!

Bedtime tea after a long day to release and relax sounds yummy. It’s important that we unwind and defuse before taking work stress to bed with you. Cozying up in your favorite pair of pajamas while sipping on some tea could bring relief. Teas that use chamomile, valerian root, and lavender may be your best bet when you’re looking for a healthy way to relax and fall into a sweet sleep.

First African American, one-woman syndicated radio host in the Southeast region for major broadcast networks. Over the past 23 years my passion and perseverance has lead me to reach and relate to demographics spanning, Sports stations, Country, Hip-hop, R & B, Gospel, Adult Contemporary & Top 40 radio stations. I have a unique way of setting the tone, and people feel comfortable telling their story,

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