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Kids, let Uncle Charlie take you in the way back machine to a time before streaming, before satellite TV and before cable.  This was a time where, no matter how big the city you lived in, the maximum television stations you had was 10 or less.  Welcome to the world of my childhood.  Granted, cable was readily available by the time I was in middle school, but no way was my old man “paying for TV.”  Anyway, one channel we had, in the summer, played reruns of classic 60s shows like “Bewitched,” “I Dream of Jeannie,” “Batman,” “Gilligan’s Island,” and “The Munsters.”

This show was classic.  Essentially, Frankenstein (“Herman Munster”) was married to Dracula’s daughter (“Lily”), and living with their son, a wolf boy (“Eddie”), Dracula (“Grandpa”), and their niece Marilyn-who was just like you and me.  The comedy came in to play in that the family didn’t understand that THEY were the ones who were bizarre in society, yet they felt just the opposite.  In fact, Marilyn was knockout gorgeous, yet they always lamented on her ugliness.  “The Munsters” only ran for a few seasons but was always a show I liked and looked forward to seeing each afternoon when the Texas heat made going outside unbearable.  A huge fan of “The Munsters” is filmmaker Rob Zombie.  He’s known for his sadistic and macabre horror films like “The Devil’s Rejects” and his reboots of “Halloween” and “Halloween II.”  A couple of years ago, Zombie announced he was going to direct a take on the show.  I was skeptical at best.  I was thinking, “PLEASE, don’t “horror up” Herman and Lily Munster.”  Well, this week we finally got a trailer for his movie coming in September.

The good news is, I think Zombie has stuck to the feel of the original TV show.  The bad news is, I don’t know if this brand of humor will translate to today.  For entirely different reasons now, I’m skeptical at best about “The Munsters.”  I guess we’ll all find out in September.