Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

Who is that very young girl with Garth back in the day?  That was 24 years ago ya’ll and that is how long it has been since Garth has been in the queen city.   At long last, he is back and here is everything you need to know about the Garth Brooks shows in Charlotte.

According to the Charlotte Observer there are still some $79 dollar tickets left for both tonight’s show and Saturday’s.  The magic starts at 7pm.  For all the information about parking, tickets and all things Garth get details right here. These are his only concert dates in the Carolinas and Virginia.

It is well documented that I think a lot of Garth.  And how I measure how much I personally “like” someone is by the way they treat others.  I can love an artist for their music but not really like what I see when I meet them in person.  That is why when people ask me, “Who is the nicest artist you have ever met?”  There are many and Garth is in the top three.  The others, Keith Urban and Luke Bryan.

I have told this story many times on the air.  The first time I met Garth was when this picture was taken 24 years ago when he performed at the old coliseum on Tyvola.  His “meet and greets” are like no other.  Most artists usher you in, maybe play a song or two, do a quick pic and show you along the way.  Not Garth.  He invited us in (air staff and listeners) and proceeded to show us the spread he and his people prepared.  It was a long table full of meats, veggies AND desserts.  We all ate together and then we sat around while he played guitar and fielded questions from all of us.  He took his time, he made us feel special.

The next time I met him was at the CMA Awards in Nashville a couple of years ago.  Tanner and I were there interviewing artists for about eight hours that day but when Garth walked in, “the molecules in the room changed” according to Dan and Shay. So everyone gets excited.  The big dog just walked in along with Trisha Yearwood.  We are trying to play it cool but all over ourselves making sure everything is rolling.  My husband Rick is along for the trip and helps us out when he can but he generally stands in the corner and takes pictures or whatever is needed.  Garth walked over to Rick and shook his hand and introduced himself:) Rick reciprocated .  Garth says just this: “Is that your wife”, pointing to me.  Rick says,” yes it is”.  Then Garth says “What do you think of all this”, Rick had one word “Hectic”.  Garth throws his head back laughing and said “tell me about it”.  I will never forget that exchange and the time Garth took to notice someone standing back, not crowding him or wanting anything from him.

Here are a few pics from our time with Garth over the years: