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Kids, how many times can we caution you on “going big” with major life events?  Look, when it goes right, it is spectacular.  You will get no argument from us on this.  HOWEVER, when it goes wrong, it goes REALLY wrong. And THAT is all you and those around you will remember your event.  Going simple will hardly ever do you wrong. Latest case in point:  Dillon and Riley Murphy’s Hawaiian wedding. (WARNING:  TURN DOWN THE VOLUME, AUDIO IS NSFW)

On paper, what could be?  An outdoor wedding on the shore of the Big Island of Hawaii sounds amazing, right?  Sure…right up to the point that the remnants of Tropical Storm Darby decides to send MASSIVE waves crashing right into your ceremony-wrecking everything!  The good news is no one was hurt, and the cake was saved.  But twenty years from now what will anyone remember about the wedding?  Yup, how “going big” was a bad idea.  Just sayin’…again!