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When we came across this story today, I wanted to jump through the computer and strangle someone.  We work every day in an industry where we interact with the public.  A LOT of you do the same.  Do we love it?  Yes.  Is it easy dealing with people sometimes?  NO!  However, nearly 100% of the time that times are tough is because someone has decided to be a jerk.  Which leads me back to this:

Here is what you’re seeing.  Tik Tok user @G35Ryan went online and ordered a $275 pizza.  First, how did he run up a charge like this?  Well, he started with a 16-inch pie and ordered triple topping with six different types of sauces.  This move, in and of itself, does not make him a jerk.  Picky?  Yes.  Jerk?  No.  Here comes the jerk part.  Ryan says his goal was to make Domino’s workers regret working there.  Why?  What’s wrong with earning a paycheck providing something people love (pizza)?  Why make the Domino’s employees lives unnecessarily difficult?  You can only imagine how many incidents they deal with NORMALLY!  Is there anything that can be done to make Ryan regret every opening a laptop?  Can we do it soon?