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We’ve been at this weight loss/exercise thing for a while now.  Our experience with PHD Weight Loss has been amazing and we’re really reaping the benefits.  However, this is not the first diet/exercise routine we’ve tried over the years-far from it.  And to be honest, some of the most effective we’ve come across sounded bizarre at first.  For example, The Adkins Diet.  Sure, it’s named after a physician, but it allowed you to eat all the meat and pork skins you could?  Just sounds crazy.  But it worked.  So, we’ve learned to never scoff at a new way to “skin a cat.”  In the battle of the bulge, every now and again you come across something that sounds so outrageous, that it has to work.   Which leads us to Nathanial Nolan.

Yup, for lack of a better phrase, this man works out by running around like a dog.  Laugh all you want, we did.  However, tell me if after watching this video, you didn’t go, “Wait a minute, this guy may be on to something?!”