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Okay, y’all this is getting ridiculous.  How long has Zoom been a part of our lives?  How many countless meetings, interviews, etc., have we all been on in the last two years?!  So, you would think by now that we would all be aware that appearing in various stages of undress on Zoom is not cool.  You would think we’d have learned to let others in the room/house with us (when we’re on Zoom) that THEM appearing in various stages of undress is not cool.  Apparently not.  Take yesterday’s incident on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

It all began with CNBC anchor Andrew Ross Sorkin interviewing Aureus Asset Management CEO Karen Firestone.  As the conversation turned to where markets might be headed in the fall, a man in his drawers was headed across the background.  To both Sorkin and Firestone’s credit, they ignored it, but c’mon.  Be better, guys.  At this point, Zoom nudity isn’t as funny as it is carelessly pathetic.