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Let us start with two things here:  1.  “Halloween” movies are by far our family’s favorite horror genre movies (no, we don’t consider “Jaws” a horror movie).  2.  We realize these films are egregiously violent.  Okay, moving right along now that we’ve hopefully warded off a slew of complaint messages and emails, on October 14th the final piece of the reboot trilogy of the “Michael Myers” saga concludes with “Halloween Ends.”

In 2018 we were fired up to see Jamie Lee Curtis basically reinvent her scream-queen role of “Laurie Strode” from the original “Halloween” film from 40 years earlier.  That movie rocked!  The second, the Covid-delayed, “Halloween Kills,” wasn’t as good, but still was a fun horror ride.  “Halloween Ends” picks up four years after that movie.  Apparently, Laurie Strode is living with her granddaughter and yup, all hell breaks loose when Michael Myers shows up on the last day of October, again!  Can’t wait to see how it ends!