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Kids, we have a new candidate for our unofficial title of “Baddest Man on the Planet.”  Look, I believe that most people are not cowardly by nature.  That being said, most people don’t VOLUNTEER to put their lives in jeopardy on the spur of the moment.  If I happened to come across a place where children could/would play and spotted a 7-foot-alligator chilling in the weeds?  I would call authorities to come get it out of the way, and then wait until the deed was done.  Not my man here.

There is NO HESITATION HERE.  This giant of a man from Savannah, Geogia just marches over to the weeds, grabs this HUGE gator by the tail and drags it back to where it belongs-in the swamp.  Now, this does bring up another issue for another day:  Who in Savannah authorized the building of a children’s park so near a gator-infested swamp?!