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Not that we relish others being in pain, but this definitely made us laugh a little.  If there’s one criticism that is valid about people (especially teens and young adults) and social media, it is that there doesn’t seem to be the capability of having an unpublished/unposted thought or experience.  And sometimes, that can backfire.  Take for example this from TikToker Karla (@karlavelarde1234).  She thought this video was going to be an “awwwww, he’s so sweet” moment.  She thought her sweetie left a love letter.  Uh….no.

Surprise.  Not a love letter.  A “See ya” letter.  And this moment, that would have been much better to be a private one, is now public.  Then again, it’s hard to garner sympathy in private.  Oh well, maybe capturing every moment isn’t such a bad thing after all.