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Sometimes Facebook reminds you of moments or pictures in your past that you wish would remain there.  And then there are others that pop up on your timeline and make you go, “Wow…that’s pretty good!”  This is a case for the latter.  I wrote this ten years ago.  Now, I’ll be the first to admit to excessive pontification from time to time but give this a read.  I believe it’s message still rings true.


One of the great joys in my life right now is the weekend round of golf that I’m blessed to spend with our 10-year-old, Hogan. Golf is one of those games that all who play tend to over-complicate. So, when we’re playing, I give Hogan just three things to remember before every shot: exhale, swing, and pose.

As we were playing in a tournament over the weekend, and repeating this mantra over and over, it occurred to me that just as we golfers tend to over-complicate the game we love, we ALL tend to over-complicate life. Just remember to exhale, swing, and pose.

When you exhale, it releases all tension in the body. It’s impossible to make a good golf swing and resulting shot with tense muscles. And so it is in life. I can make an argument that everything you do: every decision, every thought you think and resulting words you utter, will all benefit GREATLY if you approach them without tension.

Reminding Hogan to swing, is to remind him to not hold back and give it all he’s got. No one’s ever made a good golf shot who stopped before it’s completion-and at half speed. I’m a big believer of setting a goal and then attacking it with full focus and passion. If two people have the same ambition, the one who is relelentless in its pursuit, is the one who will achieve it first.

Chances are you’ve seen a golfer in the second after the shot has been made. The player seems frozen in time. The arms are across the body, the club is over the shoulder, the head facing forward-eyes gazing down the fairway…this is referred to as “posing.” Telling Hogan to “pose” is telling him to be sure to follow through on the shot, and to finish with balance. It is a rare thing indeed for someone to hit a great golf shot after finishing the swing in a twisted, discombobulated mess. In business, teaching, parenting, whatever…if you follow through with what you start, and are able to complete it with spiritual, emotional, and financial balance in your life, your chances for success are far greater than someone who does not.

You may be facing some big odds right now. Life is like that. At some point we’re all there. Instead of playing “what if?”, or over-analyzing the situation, think of a 10-year-old boy standing on the first tee. And then…just exhale, swing, and pose.