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I came across a headline of an actor’s passing today that honestly, I almost just glossed over.  David Warner passed over the weekend at the age of 80 (due to complications from cancer).  To describe this guy as a “working actor” is perhaps the understatement of the year.  According to his IMDB listing, Warner had more than 225 acting credits in his career.  Warner was one of those people that was rarely the leading man, but because of this, seemed to pop up EVERYWHERE.  With the heat still stifling, perhaps you’re looking for some movies to binge.  Here’s a few from David Warner that you won’t regret spending time with.  Let’s start with a truly underrated movie from the late 70s in which Warner portrays “Jack the Ripper,” who has escaped to modern day New York.  “Time After Time” is timeless.

This next movie is sometimes hard to find, but well worth the effort.  “The Island” involves modern day people who are taken captive on the high seas by pirates.  Legit pirates who are still living their lives as if Blackbeard himself was running the show.

Warner’s contribution to “Titanic” is a prime example of a “oh, yeah…I know that guy moment” when watching one of his films.  He memorably is Billy Zane’s henchman, “Lovejoy.”

And an actor like Warner could do anything.  Case in point, one of his final credits was in the family-friendly, “Mary Poppins Returns.”

Warner also appeared in “The Omen,” multiple “Star Trek” movies and with his smooth, British accent, voiced many animated roles as well-including being the original “Ras Al Ghul” in “Batman:  The Animated Series.”  RIP, but thanks for all the entertainment.