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 Taste of Country says the coroner has confirmed Hank Jr’s wife’s cause of death. Mary Jane Thomas passed away 4 months ago when her collapsed lung was punctured during surgery  The former model passed away on March 22nd at the age of 58.

The autopsy has finally been released and the cause of death was listed as accidental and “pneumothorax due to perforated parietal pleura during liposuction with autologous fat reinjection procedure.”  The autopsy indicated that her lung collapsed after her surgeon punctured the membrane while completing the fat transfer as part of a breast lift following a breast implant removal.

She had traveled from Nashville to Jupiter, Florida to get the liposuction and to remove her previous breast implants. The surgery was being done at Bafitis Plastic Surgery  She was released from the facility at 7 PM on March 21 and was then taken to a recovery facility. She was fine and was able to sit up in bed and then the next day she was unresponsive.

She was then rushed to a local hospital and tragically passed away at the ER.  Also in the autopsy report, she had mild brain swelling, mild coronary artery disease, and fatty metamorphosis of the liver.

She and Hank Williams met in 1985 and were married in 1990, they shared a daughter who passed away in a car accident in 2020 and they also have a son.

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