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In this photo illustration, the Facebook and Instagram apps are seen on the screen of an iPhone on October 04, 2021 in San Anselmo, California. Social media applications Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are experiencing a global outage that started before 9 a.m. (P.S.T.) on Monday morning.

Facebook was established with the premise of connecting with friends.  Instagram was all about keeping up with the same through pictures.  Apparently, none of that is relevant anymore.  Basically, if you’re not TikTok, you’re just NOT.  Granted, we must remember that Meta (formerly Facebook), that owns/operates Facebook and Instagram, is a company.  And companies are, and must always be about, growth.  TikTok had half a billion users in 2018.  It has well over a billion now.  That’s the growth Meta is wanting to be a part of.  So, what does this mean for you?  Well, over the next several months you will see a lot of change.  Where Facebook is concerned, instead of your feed being controlled by your “friends'” posts, it will be subject to an algorithm based on your “interests.”  And Instagram?  Well, it will become more and more and more about video.  Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri discussed this and the changes in a video posted yesterday.

Am I the only one who laughed out loud-literally-when he referred to Instagram’s “heritage?”  Social media, as a genre, has only been in the social zeitgeist for what, a cup of coffee, and now they’re talking heritage?  Anyway, if you’re distressed by these changes, you’re not alone.  The Kardashian clan (Kim and Kylie Jenner) have weighed in on your behalf posting a meme to their Insta stories that read: “Make Instagram Instagram again. Stop trying to be like TikTok. I just to see cute photos of my friends.” The message ended with, “Sincerely, Everyone.”  There’s something ironic and funny about the first family of social media, who have made their fortunes through being on the cutting edge of the medium’s evolution(s), being resistant to change.  That being said, if life has taught us nothing else, it’s change is inevitable…in all facets.