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Last night I was watching a TV show where a comedian joked that his wife called and said she “had a man job” that needed to be done.  So, on his way home, he picked up a man to do it.  Then this morning, this crossed my space.  Would you be willing to “subscribe” to a handyman?  Wait, before you say, “NO WAY…what are you talking about?”  Pay attention to this.

Look, I am what I like to call “survival handy.”  I can do basic repairs, but that’s it.  My dad?  He could do and fix anything.  My best friend Jeff is the same way.  The analogy made in the video above about lawn care vs home care makes an awful lot of sense.  If you’re paying for a lawn service every month-essentially a subscription-does it not make sense to do the same for the rest of the house?  The answer is, YES!  However, the answer is also, “How do I afford/budget for this?”