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POING, GERMANY - APRIL 27: Brown bear cubs play with their mother, Mia, at a wildlife park on April 27, 2007, in Poing, Germany. There is a discussion in Bavaria over reintroducing bears into the wild since roaming brown bear "Bruno" was shot last summer in the Bavarian Alps. Brown bears were originally domestic in Germany, but the species was eradicated about 170 years ago. Brown bear Mia in the Poing wildlife Park is from Swedish origin, her three cubs Molly, Mette and Maja were born December 28, 2006.

Just last week we posted the video of a bear raiding a man’s garage refrigerator and then adding insult to injury by enjoying the spoils of his raid on the man’s lawn.  We’ve also had stories of bears opening car doors, being scared off mountain cabin railings by “teacher voices” and just walking into people’s homes.  However, this is a first.  Imagined being awakened by someone ringing your doorbell at 3:30 am.  Scared?  Startled? Now, imagine if you find out that “someone” is actually a bear!

Wendy Watson, who lives near Greenville, South Carolina, received the of her year (if not life!) when she discovered the middle-of-the-night bell ringer was indeed a relative of Winnie The Pooh! <g>.  The bear looked into her Ring camera, did some sniffing around, then ate Watson’s bird seed.  Apparently, the bear likes the neighborhood as he’s become regularly sighted there.  Uh, again…y’all…these animals are wild.  You MIGHT want to get this one removed before you discover the hard way that real life is indeed NOT a Disney movie.