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Carly Pearce is a fan of tattoos and has at least six of her own, so when a fan tattooed her song lyrics on himself and showed her recently, she was blown away.

Carly told us of one fan getting the lyrics to her song “It Won’t Always Be Like This” tattooed, “That was crazy, and for him to be vulnerable enough to tell his story of addiction and that he overcame that, it’s powerful.’

She added, “And to see that, it was really amazing, and it just shows me the power of music, and we can change lives with lyrics.”

While we don’t know precisely what lyrics the fan had tattooed, the lyrics of the song are, in part, “I remember how I couldn’t wait to get out / Of my hometown now I’m looking for, every excuse to go back on the weekend / I can still see the front porch balcony every time I leave, grandpa waving back at me / Wish I could’ve told myself back then / It won’t always be like this.”

Carly Pearce