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There are just certain dudes who ruin it for the rest of us.  For example, no matter how hard any of us tries to compete with Brad Pitt, none of us will ever be Brad Pitt.  That being said, Brad can’t sing (that we know of).  Which leads us to Brett Young.  Yeah, he’s pretty in a Pitt-kind-of-way too, only he CAN sing, which makes it double tough to top him.  So bottom line, when one looks and sings like Brett Young, there’s nothing we can do to ever compete.  Oh, and then, he does all the little things right like this Instagram birthday tribute to his wife, Taylor.

“Not sure how it’s possible but you get more beautiful everyday… inside and out. I love you more than you’ll ever know. Now let’s spend today (and the rest of the month, obviously) celebrating you and how much better you make the world for the people that know and love you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PRETTY GIRL!!!”  Now, see what I mean? Even if you do something like this, she may not say, but she’s thinking, “But why don’t you look like Brett?”  And if you forget?  “Why can’t you be more like Brett?”  In a nutshell, guys like this make it so we can’t win, boys.  On a related note, is there a better-looking couple anywhere in the world?!

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