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Perhaps if I told you that Nichelle Nichols passed away, you might not know who I’m talking about.  However, if I told you we’ve lost “Lt. Uhura,” you know instantly.  This is a case where the role was bigger than the actress, but certainly not the person.  Nichelle Nichols left us this weekend.  Her legacy of class, dignity, and civil rights leadership can never be understated.  At a time when women of color were not given prominent roles on television, her ground-breaking role as “Star Trek’s” communications officer was a huge deal.  And in the annals of history, she will forever be known for this historic moment in TV history:  the first interracial kiss-EVER seen in the medium.

Nichols spoke about the filming of this landmark scene a little more than a decade ago…

On the ocassion of her passing, two of her surviving castmates from “Star Trek” issued the following statements.

Nichelle Nichols was 89.