barbecue chicken wings close up on wooden tray shot with selective focus

Have you been to your state’s best chicken wings spot?

With college and NFL football season approaching, chicken wings are on our minds. If you know anything about wings, then you know that not all chicken wings are created equal. That’s why when we saw that¬†Eat This, Not That! compiled a list of where the best chicken wings are in each state, we couldn’t just keep it to ourselves!

Let’s get down to it…

Buffalo Brothers have the best wings in North Carolina. They have multiple locations in North Carolina, most in the Raleigh area.¬†Eat This, Not That! says, “Buffalo Brothers is the real deal. The restaurant got its start in Buffalo, New York, the home of buffalo wings. With multiple locations in North Carolina, the menu features buffalo wings, tenders, and shrimp. There’s also a buffalo dip, wrap, and sandwich.”

In South Carolina, TNT Hot Wings in Spartanburg is taking the top spot. “Chef Terrance Tyson, who grew up in St. Croix, has enjoyed making spicy dishes inspired by the Virgin Islands. At every social function, his friends would request him to “make some of those wings.” They’re now available to the masses at TNT Hot Wings, with sauces on the menu divided into three categories: hot, tasty, or sweet.”

Smoked Wings and Mac & Cheese for lunch sounds good! Or how 'bout some Chicken Bites or a Chicken quarter with Fries! Call it in! 585-9996/585-9985

Posted by TNT HOTWINGS on Tuesday, June 28, 2022

If you’re around Charlotte, both of these locations are a bit of a drive for you. Where in Charlotte do you go to get your wings every Sunday? Let us know! @theMRLshow