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I cannot imagine having a loved one leave the house for a night of fun, seeing Kenny Chesney in concert, and then having that loved one never return home.  This is the headline I woke up to today:  “Woman Falls to Her Death at Kenny Chesney Concert in Denver.”   Police say a lady fell off an escalator at a Kenny Chesney performance in Denver. Police are still investigating the woman’s death, which occurred Saturday at 10:52 p.m. Her identity is unknown. Later, DPD tweeted: “An adult female attendee at Empower Field at Mile High fell from an escalator railing and died. Accidental death is suspected.”

Police say alcohol was not a factor in the woman’s death. “I was devastated to learn of the loss of someone after our show,” Chesney said in a statement. “For the lady who came to share that love, there are no words. For her friends and family’s loss, I grieve with them and for them.”  Just a tragedy.  An avoidable tragedy.  Folks, no matter what you’re doing in life, remember these two words your mama always told you, “Be careful.”