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American Alligator swimming in the spring swamp in Texas

If you have listened to the Tanner in the Morning show awhile (thank you for that!), then you know that we are all animal lovers. So, when the news came out there was an alligator located in a Florida pond swimming around with a knife in its head our hearts went out.  It now looks like the story is mercifully over for the reptile.

The creature was first featured on social media after being discovered in a pond about thirty minutes north of Orlando.  Noone wants to be on an alligator’s menu and there is no word on why someone tried to harm the animal.  Was it in self defense or was this an act of cruelty? There is probably only one person that knows the answer to that.

The story is now over for the alligator, the Charlotte Observer reports this morning that the creature was captured and euthanized.  To learn more, get details right here.

If you live in Florida, chances are you will meet up with an alligator at some point, even in some parts of North Carolina or South Carolina. Here are some tips from forestwildlife.org.

What Animals Might You See On the Coast of South Carolina?

One thing about being in North Carolina, you are not far off from the wild of South Carolina. From the beaches and small towns, South Carolina has tons to offer. But, have you ever thought about maybe animals that live in South Carolina? Well, this summer you might get a visit from a few more things other than just some nice southern charm. South Carolina beaches are home to different coastal vibes, including animals.

The Travel wondered what animals might you see when visiting the beaches along the coast of South Carolina. I am sure you are wondering what they found. Let’s just say you may not have known about some of these creep crawlers (or swimmers). South Carolinas wildlife has a huge range, especially near the beaches. Some are creatures you may want to interact with, while others you should just avoid altogether. South Carolina is home to some beautiful wildlife creatures you could enjoy a view of during your next trip. Check out what wildlife creatures you may see on your next trip to the South Carolina coast.