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Taco Bell has announced that the cult favorite menu item, the Mexican Pizza will be returning to the menu as a permanent item on September 15.

According to ChewBoom.com, it was pressure from the items fans that moved the needle. The CEO of Taco Bell said, “I had more feedback—hate mail!—over the removal of Mexican pizza [than any other time].” A petition to bring back the pizza was created back in 2020 and received more than 171 thousand signatures.

I want to thank them personally. Not for me. For my wife. She was not happy when it went away. And don’t tease her with being available for a limited time. Glad your back Mexican Pizza. Happy wife! Happy life!

This is the Best Mexican Fast Food Chain in North Carolina

According to you, this is the best Mexican fast-food restaurant in North Carolina. Is it yours? Grab your queso and chips to find out.

May 5th is going to be a big day for Mexican food joints. What’s the reason? Because it is Cinco de Mayo! If you love quick Mexican food then this article is for you. According to TOP Agency’s latest report, there are certain Mexican fast-food chains that get the most foot traffic. This study was done by analyzing GPS data to track visits to taco restaurant chains and surveying Americans.

Chipotle Mexican Grill won the popularity contest ranking #1 across 14 states based on a combination of GPS tracking data and a survey of 1000 Americans conducted by TOP Agency! Qdoba Mexican Eats was the most popular fast food joint in seven states, followed by Taco Bell in 10 states.

What did North Carolina get? Scroll down below to see the best Mexican Fast Food in our state. We also included some nearby state favorites as well. My personal favorite isn’t a chain restaurant. To think of it, I don’t think I have a favorite Mexican food chain. Spicy isn’t my thing.

  • Alabama

    Alabama Mexican Resturants

  • Florida

    Florida Mexican Resturants

  • Georgia


  • Kentucky

    Kentucky MR

  • Maryland

    Maryland MR

  • Louisiana 

    Louisiana  MR

  • Mississippi

    Mississippi MR

  • North Carolina

    North Carolina MR

  • Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania MR

  • South Carolina

    South Carolina MR

  • Tennessee


  • Virginia

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