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A construction crew removed the roof from a Kansas home, then disappeared when they discovered they were at the wrong address. The faux pas occurred Tuesday in Overland Park, where resident Steve Kornspan returned home to find his “entire roof” missing. Also missing were the workers.

According to Yahoo news, Kornspan believes the construction workers took off “when they realized it was the wrong house.” Although the upset homeowner has reported the incident to the Overland Police Department, officials say charges likely won’t be filed against the workers.

Officer John Lacy said “Right now we’re looking at this as a civil matter. We’re not looking at this as a criminal matter because this was a mistake that they made. They were supposed to get another home and were supposed to rip up that roof but they got the addresses switched.”

So I guess this guy is supposed to just live without a roof? This world is crazy!

A crew showed up at my house and tore the entire roof off then left. They were in a Grey Astro Van with a ladder on top....

Posted by Steve Kornspan on Tuesday, August 2, 2022