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One of the things that we’ve been witness to in our career is an amazing shift in tolerated language in the broadcast medium.  Let me give you an example.  Ray Kennedy only had a couple of hits on the country charts.   The first of which was this, “What a Way to Go.”  Pay attention to the chorus, see if you can catch what offended the nation.

If you’re thinking, “I got shanghai’d in Vegas by a painted woman.  I got hogtied by a hooker in Ohio,” you win.  I know, right?  I remember thinking “offensive?” back then.  Anyway, this version only lasted on country radio for a cup of coffee.  Programmers and listeners went nuts complaining about language like that with kids in the car.  Sounds crazy, right?  Anyway, An alternate version was released replacing “hooker” with “redhead.”  Now, here we are 32 years later and a Houston News Anchor recently let this fly, LIVE on the air (warning:  turn down the volume…NSFW).

WOW!  Not that I disagree with his sentiment, but wasn’t aware “b***h slap” was now on the not-so-naughty list for broadcast.  So, do you think Isaiah Carey was:  a.  fired  b.  suspended  c. reprimanded or d.  praised for this?  If you said, “praised,” you win.  Yup, online, viewers applauded his brutal honesty.  Somewhere right now I hope Ray Kennedy is saying, “WTH?!” <g>