Aldi is going to help one lucky couple get married.  On Wednesday the grocery chain announced a contest to find a couple willing to get married in the aisles of an Aldi.  According to Today, the sweepstakes includes an Aldi-themed wedding plus free groceries for an entire year.

The winners must be willing to get married on Wednesday, November 9. They will be taken to the Aldi Insights Center, in Batavia, Illinois, which will be transformed into their wedding venue. The prize includes travel accommodations, hair and makeup for the wedding day, a professional photographer, and an Aldi employee to officiate the ceremony.

The reception will include Aldi-themed wedding favors, a storefront photoshoot, a branded tiered wedding cake, and a reception for 50 guests.

Enter at the “Happily Ever ALDI” contest page ( through August 17.

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