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When I saw this story about Cole Swindell this week, it brought back memories. Cole Swindell has crossed off another item on his bucket list. He sang I like it I love it with Mr. Tim McGraw himself last weekend. Love Cole, but I beat him to it! LOL Here’s my story about what happened at PNC a few years back.

I have followed Tim’s career since he began in Louisiana a long time ago. I drove from Cleveland, Ohio to Monroe, LA to take the night job on Kickin Country Y106, very close to where Tim went to college.

Tim always goes out of his way to make you feel welcome backstage. You never feel rushed, and he always takes some time to talk with everyone from radio and their guest. But at one of his shows a few years ago he surprised us all!

I was backstage with my daughter Emily and we were invited to watch the show from the side of the stage. Which is pretty cool on its own. Then when Tim goes into his huge hit “I Like It. I Love It,” he motioned for us to come on stage. I thought he can’t be pointing at us. But he was!

What a rush, singing with Tim on stage in front of twenty-thousand plus fans! I moment I’ll never forget.

He didn’t call me back up for the encore though?

4 Other Times Tim McGraw And Faith Hill Confronted Fans On Stage

Tim McGraw made headlines yesterday (10/12) when he jumped off the stage and confronted a heckling fan at a show in Reno, Nevada.

It’s not the first time Tim has done this at one of his shows. His wife Faith Hill even confronted a fan during a show when one eager female fan tried to grab her husband in his private parts.

We’ve gathered footage of a few moments when the couple just wasn’t taking any crap from anyone. Note that the first one has a NSFW moment.

  • 2007 - Faith Hill Scolds Fan For Grabbing Tim

    A woman tried to grab Tim’s junk during a show, and his wife who came on after McGraw to perform, scolded the fan right from the stage saying as the music played, “You don’t go grabbing somebody else’s husband’s b—s. Do you understand me?”

    Faith Hill Scolding Fan for Grab

    McGraw is no stranger to grabby fans. Back in 2007, a woman tried to grab his junk ... and his wife, Faith Hill, was quick to give her a stern talking to.

  • 2008 - Tim Roughs Up Unruly Fan

    Tim was singing his final song, “Indian Outlaw,” when he spotted a fan acting unruly and called him out and grabbed him before security arrived to assist. He then pulled the guy on stage by his belt to remove him.

  • 2011 - McGraw Removes Fan For Hitting Girl

    From the stage, Tim spotted a fan fighting with his girlfriend. He said to the fan, “Hey, don’t hit the lady, don’t hit the girl.” McGraw then lifts the girl who got hit to the stage before he removed the guy. Other fans in the crowd cheered him on during the long confrontation.

  • 2014 - Tim Gets Annoyed At Female Fan for Not Letting Go of His Pants

    McGraw was walking through a crowd of fans from the stage when one fan grabbed his pant leg and wouldn’t let go. Tim slaps the fan till she releases him.