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According to Fox News, Seaman Recruit David Spearman of North Carolina was killed after being lost overboard from the USS Arleigh Burke. This info was released in a statement by Navy officials.

 Cmdr. Pete Flynn, the commanding officer of the USS Arleigh Burke, said “This bright, young man made an oversized positive impact on Arleigh Burke. My entire crew’s thoughts and prayers are with Seaman Recruit Spearman’s family and friends. We offer our most sincere condolences for their loss. Thank you to the Swedish and German navies, the U.S. Air Force and the sailors from Arleigh Burke for their extensive efforts to search for our shipmate.”

David was only 19 years old. He completed his basic training in January 2022. He was stationed on the guided-missile destroyer in Finland when he was lost overboard. Extensive search operations came up empty.

An investigation is still happening. Such sad news. RIP David Spearman