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I guess I missed that Reba McEntire was returning to TV this fall, so when I clicked on this trailer for “Big Sky:  Deadly Trails” yesterday morning, that familiar twang saying, “Welcome to Montana,” was quite a surprise.  Reba’s monologue continues, “A place where the horizon never ends. Full of friendly folks just trying to do right. But in the untamed wilderness, you never know what’s going to be coming around the bend.  One thing’s for certain, once you set foot in this place, you may never want to go home again. And you might not.”

Reba joins the cast on September 21 as “Sunny Brick” (how about THAT name? <g>).  Her character is described as the matriarch of a family of successful backcountry outfitters with a secret history of missing customers.  WTH?!  With that description, I’m in.  I mean, pure fantasy here, but what if someone has cast Reba as the mother of a bunch of backcountry cannibals? <g>  Seriously though, Reba’s casting aside, how about how copycat Hollywood is?  Have you noticed how many shows and movies have been set in Montana since the success of “Yellowstone?”