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Huzzah!  That fun declaration of excitement along with turkey legs, jousting tournaments and beautiful magical fairies can all be found at one of Charlotte’s must enduring and popular festivals.  This year, getting there will be a little different and organizers say a whole lot easier.

We at Country 1037 are no strangers to the Huntersville merriment, we have all been out there.  Some of us have even been King for a day, or even the festival Crier, some of us, we won’t name names, have even enjoyed a camel ride or two.  Whatever you choose to do, it is always a fun time.  Tickets are on sale, but you will get them differently than you have in the past thirty years.

Tickets can be purchased online, and they will be sold on specific dates according to Channel 9.  Tickets will only be sold on site on event days that are not sold out and general admission tickets not expected to be sold at retail locations.

Getting there may be easier too as traffic patterns will be changing.  For more information about the changes get details here from WSOCTV.