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The name “Sir Sitsalot” apparently has been ruled out, but the Union County Sheriff’s office is asking for your help with naming their brand new adorable law enforcement officer.

They are taking suggestions for a few more days on the perfect name for the K-9.  He is 11 weeks old right now and so far they are just calling him “Puppy Doe”.  That just will not do.  This cute critter needs a proper name and here is where you come in.

They have disclosed a few traits about the doggo that may be helpful when you are considering a name.  They say he likes long walks, rolling in the grass and is very affectionate.  He also is showing an affinity for tearing up tennis balls.  For more information and to let the Union County Sheriff’s office know your ideas just check out the details from Channel 9.

8 Places to Rescue Pets Near Charlotte, North Carolina

I warn you before you read this, your heart will melt. There are tons and tons of pets in the Charlotte metro and surrounding areas that need loving homes. Not to make you sad, but across the world, animal shelters take in millions of stray, abused, and lost animals each and every day. However, when you rescue one of these animals, you are giving them a second chance.

Here you will find a list of 8 different places you can rescue pets near Charlotte, North Carolina. Please make sure you have the time and financial means to take care of a pet before agreeing to.