Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

up and wispy

National Radio Day was this past Saturday, did you miss it?  I started not to make a big deal out of it but then I thought wait a minute, radio is important and has certainly been important to us.  Radio was not supposed to be my career path.  I accidentally stumbled into it.

I went to Western Carolina University on a partial nursing scholarship; my mom and my sister were registered nurses, I loved the care giving part so I went for it.  If you have been listening to this station for a while then you probably know, I am not great at math and science and as it turns out there is a lot of that in nursing school:)  Nursing was more than just “taking care of people”, much more.  Long story short I needed to change directions.

The Resident Advisor on my hall in college suggested I go to the campus radio station with her.  She liked my voice and my personality, she thought broadcasting might be something I liked.  I did. It was as natural as breathing to me when I cracked the mic.  I had to make the phone call to my parents that I was switching majors and they fully supported me. To learn more about National Radio Day get details here.

If you care to take a peek, here are some people, places and things I have experienced in radio over the years.  You may see some people you recognize and some we have lost.  Enjoy!