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Wait, wait.  I know I’m guilty of baiting you in on that headline, but it for a good reason and one you’ll be interested in.  First, the restaurant that’s closing on Friday-and just for Friday-is NoDa’s Brooks’ Sandwich House.  Recently Reader’s Digest named it the best spot in Charlotte to get a burger.

The reason Brooks’ is shutting down to the general public on Friday is that Saturday Night Live is bringing in a crew to film a sketch for the upcoming season.  This is kind of a head-scratcher for me.  SNL has always prided itself on being timely with its comedy, and therefore I didn’t think they did ANY shooting outside of the TV season.  Apparently, I am mistaken.  According to a statement from the restaurant, North Brevard Street will be closed from North Davidson Street to Faison Avenue and Festivus Court for filming.  Love that Brooks’ Sandwich House is in the news for something positive.  I don’t think any of us will forget the tragedy in 2019 when co-owner Scott Brooks was shot and killed by a robber while opening up.