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September 7th is Beer Day

National beer lover’s day is September 7th, and there are at least 9,000 choices! Are you an ale person or lager?  Wives supplementing income during medieval times while men were away were called alewives. I’m not a beer drinker and a little jealous because of all the craft beer popping up in the last 10 years. According to Homebrewadvice, most beer drinkers can’t differentiate between lagers or pilsner. Before sodas, beer was touted as the oldest drinks beer makers have produced. The first chemically confirmed barley beer dates back to the 5th millennium BC in modern-day Iran. Recorded accounts of beer was written in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia and spread throughout the world. But beer history says it goes back over 8000 years to Sumatra and Babylonia, made from barley. A few medical experts say that barley is rich in minerals, vitamins, minerals because of plant compounds. Wondering if it’s true that barley could possibly reduce hunger, but I don’t believe the theory that you can lose weight. You have to circle back and let me know if you have lost weight drinking beer with barley.

Here’s a list of beers from webstaurantstore that’s helpful in choosing a new beer for September 7th.

Pale Lager and Pilsner
Dark Lager
German Bock
Brown Ale
Pale Ale
India Pale Ale
Belgian-Style Ale
Wheat Beer
Wild & Sour Ale
Specialty Beer

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