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The Country 1037 Stage of Stars is coming to Coyote Joe’s November 16, featuring Chris Young, Justin Moore, Walker Hayes and Randy Houser.  Justin Moore made the announcement this morning on the Tanner in the Morning Show.

Along with the announcement, Justin talked about coming back to Coyote Joe’s, how he got the idea for his latest song and more.  Click below for the full interview.

Tickets for the Country 1037 Stage of Stars are $40 and go on sale at 10 a.m. Saturday at country1037fm.com. 

Walker Hayes And The 'Fancy Like' Tik Tok Craze: The 7 Best Videos

Walker Hayes is setting Tik Tok on fire these days with his video of him and his teenage daughter Lela dancing to his song “Fancy Like,” and thousands of people are following suit doing the “Fancy Like” dance.

We talked to Walker just this week about the craze and the fact that now Applebee’s is incorporating the dance, song, and Hayes himself in a new commercial.

Walker said he and his kids watch hours of videos of fans dancing to “Fancy Like.” Hayes told us, “This was not calculated, it was not predicted, it was not foreseen, it was completely out of the blue.”

He added of writing the song, “When I write I just want to tell the truth, that’s the one thing I nitpick are the details in the song real? Even if it’s silly, I just like to keep it honest. So that attention to detail definitely went into this song. We were just telling the truth. Even when I hear Applebee’s on a date night it doesn’t necessarily make me laugh because it’s just what I do. It’s what Lainey, and I have done and will do for the rest of our life.”

So many of Hayes’ videos feature his six kids and his wife, making the success a real family affair. Walker said, “I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend my career. I love being with my family the most. Everyone who knows me, I’m more of an exciting, electric individual near my family and so the fact that my career is blossoming at this moment, but at the same time I can spend my time with my family, it’s a very unique place, and I’m really blessed. I have a lot of gratitude that I’m able to do that now because I know what the opposite is like.”

Here is our favorite “Fancy Like” Tik Tok videos to date.