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North Carolina State Flag flying in the wind at Fort Macon.

You work hard all your life. You want to make sure you land somewhere during retirement where you can feel confident in as many ways possible.  Five cities in North Carolina are among the best places to live in the whole country according to WalletHub.

Just seven in 10 people reportedly feel very confident they will have everything they need when they reach retirement age and it goes so far beyond just financial needs.  WalletHub compared 180 cities nationwide on things like affordability, quality of life and healthcare.  They also took a look at cost of living, elder accessible shopping, in home care access and even nearby recreation like bingo.  Who doesn’t love a good game of Bingo at any age.

Here are the five North Carolina cities named in the study:

#28 Raleigh

#76 Durham


#130 Winston Salem

#162 Greensboro

To learn more about this study, check out all the details in WalletHub

By the way, the very best place to retire in the country according to his study is Charleston, South Carolina.

The 15 Best Charlotte North Carolina BBQ Restaurants

Here in North Carolina, we love our barbeque. And we do it well if I may so so myself. There is no shortage of fantastic restaurants across the state and the Queen City is no exception to that. But if you only can eat at one which should you choose? While I have my favorite (and it didn’t make this list near the top), I decided to turn to the public for their thoughts on the matter. A quick search on TripAdvisor led me to a list of 30 Charlotte BBQ restaurants. It included chains, multiple locations of some, the heavy hitters, and some I hadn’t heard of before. For this list, I took the top 15 restaurants (combining anywhere that had multiple locations).

Trip Advisor compiles these rankings based on average rating and number of reviews. Therefore you will see a couple of places that are ranked higher with a slightly lower rating. This means they probably had a higher number of higher-rated reviews. I have to say for the most part I do agree with this list the top 3 didn’t surprise me at all and I feel could have been ranked in any order. What’s your favorite of the many Charlotte BBQ restaurants?