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It’s always a risk we take when we go for an ocean swim.   But,  shark attacks statistically are still considered rare.  Unfortunately, that became reality for one Huntersville, North Carolina boy last month.  Eleven year old Jameson Reeder Jr. lost part of his leg after encountering a bull shark off the coast of the Florida Keys.  He and his family were on vacation and decided to snorkel in a reef off a boat.   The shark attacked as Jameson Jr. swam with a pool noodle.  Jameson Jr. and his family shared their story on Good Morning America this week.

The boy’s father Jameson Sr. said the shark was a nine-foot bull shark weighing close to 500 pounds.  He says the bite certainly could’ve taken the child’s life.  However, Jameson Jr. survived and clung to a pool noodle as he waited for help.  A boat transported Jameson Jr. and his mother to shore where he was ultimately airlifted to Miami Children’s Hospital.  After four surgeries, including an amputation just below his right knee, Jameson Jr. stayed positive, saying “I am very sad that my foot is gone, but I’m happy to be alive.”