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According to CBS, the late Queens dogs are moving. Queen Elizabeth II was known for her love of dogs, and at the time of her death last week, she had at least four — two corgis, a cocker spaniel, and a dachshund-corgi mix called a dorgi. So everyone was wondering who would care for them now. Looks like we have an answer.

Her two corgis, Muick (pronounced Mick) and Sandy, will be looked after by one of the queen’s sons, Prince Andrew, and his ex-wife, Sarah. Andrew’s team confirmed this to a  British news agency. The two corgis had been a gift from Andrew to his late mother.

It’s unclear what will happen with Lissy and Candy, the queen’s other two dogs. I am thinking our very own Catherine Lane from the Tanner in the Morning show would gladly take them into her home!

10 Dog Breeds That Are Most Likely To Beg For Food At The Table

If you have ever had a dog, you know that all kinds of dogs beg for food. In reality, it doesn’t matter what breed they are. Especially if they get used to getting fed from the table, or just eating human food in general. I mean, come on, it is pretty good (usually).

But dogs begging at or just under the table can get really annoying. Especially if you have guests over who are not used to hungry dogs slobbering all over your leg just for a bite of food.

UK news source Fife Today shared two main ways you can actually retrain your dog to not beg for food at the table. One is by simply not feeding them from the table ever again. Even one instance can screw up a dog’s expectations. Another way is telling them to go lay down in another room before you start a meal. With both of these, as with most dog training, you must be consistent, or else it won’t stick.

Either way, it’ll take a bit to retrain them, especially since there are some dog breeds that are more likely to beg at the table than others.

According to the American Kennel Club, here are the top 10 dog breeds that are most likely to beg you for food at the table.

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  • 10. Rottweiler


    NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 21: A Rottweiler, the 8th most popular breed of 2016, is shown at The American Kennel Club Reveals The Most Popular Dog Breeds Of 2016 at AKC Canine Retreat on March 21, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

  • 9. Norwegian Elkhound

    Norwegian Elkhound

    NEW YORK, NEW YORK – FEBRUARY 11: Norwegian Elkhounds wait for Breed Judging during the 143rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Piers 92/94 on February 11, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

  • 8. Dachshund


  • 7. Beagle


    Cute Beagle puppy that bites a slipper

  • 6. Bull Terrier

    English Bull Terrier

    NEW YORK – FEBRUARY 13: Pinee, an English Bull Terrier, stands with her owner as she waits to check in at Hotel Pennsylvania for the 129th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show February 13, 2005 in New York City. The show, which features approximately 165 different breeds and varieties, runs from February 15-16 at Madison Square Garden. (Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)

  • 5. Corgi


    BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND – MARCH 10: A pair of corgi dogs arrive on the second day of Crufts Dog Show at the NEC Arena on March 10, 2017 in Birmingham, England. First held in 1891, Crufts is said to be the largest show of its kind in the world, the annual four-day event, features thousands of dogs, with competitors travelling from countries across the globe to take part and vie for the coveted title of ‘Best in Show’. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

  • 4. Great Pyrenees

    Great Pyrenees

    BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND – MARCH 10: Fearne Crozier, aged two, interacts with a Pyrenean Mountain Dog, a therapy dog, on day three of the Cruft’s dog show at the NEC Arena on March 10, 2018 in Birmingham, England. The annual four-day event sees around 22,000 pedigree dogs visit the centre, before the ‘Best in Show’ is awarded on the final day. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

  • 3. Golden Retriever

    Holidays February 3rd

  • 2. Pug

    pug puppy

  • 1. Labrador Retriever

    The Labrador Retriever Remains The Top Dog Breed

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