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Carrie Underwood’s husband, Mike Fisher, the former team captain of Nashville’s Predators hockey team, posted another video of his wife on his Instagram today. This time instead of pranking her, he is showing her shooting a pistol.

Mike posted a video clip of Carrie wearing black leather and denim mini shirt and black high heels and shooting a pistol with headphones on; she shoots the gun a total of five times at an unshown target. Underwood is standing on what looks like her Nashville area property in a field with some trees in the background.

Fisher captioned the video clip, “When @carrieunderwood wants to practice as part of our date night, you never say no:) #sharpshooter.”

Several fans commented on the popular video, including one who wrote, “Watch out for that one!!!” Another fan observed, “I sense a song by the same title – Sharpshooter.” A fan named HillaryMollyVegas commented, “She could be one of Charlie’s Angels – shooting in a skirt. You guys are such a cute couple.” One more fan said, “Excellent Job, Carrie!!!!” A local Nashville area fan commented, “Atta Girl! We own a Glock Store in Williamson County! Love to see y’all enjoying some practice shooting.”

Underwood is no stranger to guns as she sings about them in one of her songs, “Little Toy Guns,” from 2016. In the song’s chorus about domestic violence in the family, she sings, “I wish words were like little toy guns / No sting, no hurt no one, just a bang-bang / Rolling off your tongue (I wish words were like little toy guns) / Yeah, no smoke, no bullets / No kick from the trigger when you pull it, no pain, no damage done / (I wish words were like little toy guns) / And just a bang-bang rolling off your tongue / (I wish words were like little toy guns).”

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