Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

Yeah, many of the neighbors are not too happy about this.  Last night the Charlotte city council approved a massive apartment and retail complex behind the Publix on Cotswold Road even though many of the neighbors tried to stop it.

Charlotte city council voted the apartment complex in after a 6-5 vote.  The problem is, space.

The neighbors says there is just not enough infrastructure to support all those people.  Where will they park?  How will they move around in that neighborhood.

Even though I thought I was  moving far out from city encroachment, it is coming nearer to me in Clover, South Carolina.  When I moved out there there were literally no subdivisions, now several have appeared over the past few years.  I do believe York County is trying their best to keep infrastructure in mind and also keeping the neighbors wishes in mind.

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