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According to CBS17,  the Carolinas won’t get a direct hit from Fiona. The storm will have some impact on our coast this week. The Hurricane should have a “wave effect” on our coastline this week.

So as Fiona moves north and gets stronger, the waves are going to get bigger.

It’s forecasted that the hurricane will stay far away from North Carolina and South Carolina. It will still have a coastal effect. Waves along the coast, and especially along the Outer Banks, could get as high as 10 feet, and remain around 4 to 5 feet through Saturday.

Hurricanes can change direction at any time so we will keep you updated as Fiona gets closer to our area.

List of the Names for the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season

If you live in North Carolina, especially by the shoreline, you know hurricane season is a rough one. We are now less than 100 days from the official start of the 2022 hurricane season which officially starts on June 1.

Even though it sounds like a ways away, tropical activity can develop outside this time period. Due to this, the National Hurricane Center will begin issuing tropical weather forecasts beginning May 15, 2022. After looking over the list, I am proud to say my name made the list. Well, sort of. At least the name my dad calls me!

Starting from A to Z (but yes, some letters are skipped) here is the list of names for the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season. These were named and established by the World Meteorological Organization. I have some questions about number 20. I have never in my life heard that name before!

  • 1. Alex

  • 2. Bonnie

  • 3. Colin

  • 4. Danielle

  • 5. Earl

  • 6. Fiona

  • 7. Gaston

  • Hermine

  • 9. Ian

  • 10. Julia

  • 11. Karl

  • 12. Lisa

  • 13. Martin

  • 14. Nicole

  • 15. Owen

  • 16. Paula

  • 17. Richard

  • 18. Shary

  • 19. Tobias

  • 20. Virginie

  • 21. Walter