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Poor Dan Orlovsky.  He’s not exactly been known for the greatest moments…the smoothest of moves on television.  Let me remind you of this moment.  Dan was a rookie quarterback with the Detroit Lions and seemed to forget that you’re not allowed to run out of the end zone without penalty (a safety) no matter how big the dude that’s chasing you is.

(1659) Dan Orlovsky Runs Out of the Back of the Endzone – YouTube

That play is generally regarded as one of the worst of all-time and is regularly included on lists of the most boneheaded in NFL history.  He often says in interviews that not a day in his life goes by that someone doesn’t ask or remind him of that play.  Well, it’s as if Dan Orlovsky had taken up a challenge to try to top his infamy as a player with infamy as a broadcaster.  Welcome to Monday Night Football.

Yup, that’s Dan’s mic working TOO well.  At first, he went for the denial when asked if he was the responsible party.

Later tho…he appeared to come clean, sort of

Gotta love a guy who has a good sense of humor about a truly embarrassing moment that occurred in front of literally, millions of people.  And apparently does it repeatedly. <g>