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Remember the days we lived in before the Covid-19 Pandemic?  There were all sorts or creepy-crawlies in terms of germs out amongst us.  They were as big a threat to our health and well-being as anything now, yet we were blissfully unaware.  Why?  It was not widely reported.  Now?  The media and online blogging community has seen how huge the engagement numbers are when you mention anything as a new health threat.  I mean, honestly, you’re reading this, right?  So, brace yourself.  Making the news rounds now is something that’s been a threat your entire life, but no one seemed to care before.  Are you ready?  Here it is:  fly vomit.

You know, as I think about it, scientists/epidemiologists have become like weathermen.  They are going to err on the side of scaring you to death about everything in hopes that just once, they are going to be correct.  Anyway, according to University of Massachusetts researchers, “synanthropic” flies (non-biting flies typically seen living beside humans) could be carrying diseases in their vomit.  The reasons are spelled out in the video above.  The biting variety of flies can of course harm us by spreading diseases by transferring infected blood.  Now, all flies can be the end of us all.  Good Lord.  What’s next?