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College kids have it MUCH better these days than we did back in the day. Winthrop University is about to become even more high tech.  That’s right, the future is now in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Winthrop University introduced food robots to deliver food on campus.  15 bots have been programmed to know every inch of the Winthrop campus.  So, how does this work?  Kids will be able to deploy and keep track of the bots via an app on their phone.

Many people think this is a great alternative to other food delivery services like Door Dash Or Grub Hub.  And this is a cool fun fact. Winthrop is the first University in the Southeast to have food delivery bots.  Pretty cool for a small university in South Carolina.  Now, let me track my wings bot!

To learn more you can get all the information from WBTV