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Carrie Underwood said in an interview recently that her two sons are very different and that her older son Isaiah is the more sensitive of the two.

Carrie said, “They’re both in school; Isaiah learned how to read in the past few years. He’s our sensitive guy. He loves creepy shows on TV. Jake’s a different animal than Isaiah. Sometimes he chases him and beats up on his older brother.”

She added that they are typically boys that talk about boy things, “They’re 7 and 3. Everything with them is farts and wrestling. I wish I could have them turn it off at the table. But it always ends up there.”

Underwood also said that the boys seemed to appreciate the time the pandemic gave them as a family. She noted, “I think the boys knew life was different, but they enjoyed us being at home. It was the first time we were at home together that much. They had a good time with it.”

Carrie also talked about the new hobby she acquired during the pandemic. She offered, “I started a garden. We have some property, so I started planting things. I hadn’t gotten into it. But then I was like, ‘I don’t know where the world is going. I better learn how to do things that contribute to our well-being just in case things get worse.”

And by a garden, she doesn’t mean flowers. She said, “I have friends who do flowers, and I say, ‘I don’t understand you. I can’t eat flowers.’ You plan it out, and it’s satisfying to put a seed in the ground. It’s a miracle. You end up with food afterward, your friends come over, and you can say, ‘I grew that!.'”

Underwood is currently rehearsing for her “Denim & Rhinestones” tour, which kicks off in a few weeks. She posted a photo on Instagram, writing, “3 WEEKS AWAY !!! Any guesses on what song I’m rehearsing here? #DenimAndRhinestonesTour.”

Several fans responded to the post, including one who wrote, “See you opening night!!.” Another fan commented, “Love the boots.”

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