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If I’ve heard this story about one “viral” personality on TikTok, I’ve heard it about 100.  His or her story usually goes something like this, “Yeah, I didn’t really start making videos until the Pandemic lockdowns of 2020, and now…”  The latest to tell this tale is Armen Adamjan.  His forte?  Life hacks.  Specifically (in this video), kitchen and cleaning hacks.


Kitchen & Cleaning Hacks that’ll save you time and money! 🤩🙌 #lifehacks #kitchenhacks #cleaninghacks

♬ original sound - Armen Adamjan

I’m addicted to stuff like this.  And apparently, I’m not alone as @creative_unexplained has more than 5 million followers.  Armen has become a somewhat regular on the Today Show, where he stopped by this morning.  I don’t know how much I by his explanation of how he knows how to do all of these things (“They just come to me).

How cool is this stuff?  Keeping your produce fresh for 14 days?  A good use for a dull razor with your clothes?  Removing pesky stickers with a lemon?  Cleaning your shows with nail polish remover?  I love this guy!