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Look, Debbie and I have made no secret of our love of food.  I realize we’ve lost a combined 100+ pounds since May, but that doesn’t change our lifelong devotion to shall we say, “sinful” nourishment.  We’re especially fond of the kind that is SO bad for you, you can only have it once a year:  fair food.  Just a couple of weeks ago we brought you the tastes of The Cabarrus County Fair.  Anyway, when it comes to fair food that will kill you, no one can hold a candle to The State Fair of Texas.  Legendarily, if it can cause an instantaneous diabetic coma, or need for a cardiologist’s intervention, it is served there.  Well, they’ve handed out their annual food awards and we wanted to bring you the winner in the “Sweet” category:  Peanut Butter Paradise.

If you passed out at the video’s description and didn’t get the details, here we go. Peanut Butter Paradise starts with deep-frying a honey bun. Then, caramel is injected into the honey bun and then topped with creamy peanut butter. The treat is then layered with some fan-favorite peanut butter treats, Reese’s Pieces, Crushed Butterfinger crumbles, topped off with peanut butter cups, drizzled caramel, and a cloud of powdered sugar.