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Unfortunately, hurricanes have been a part of my life as long as I’ve had life.  Growing up in Houston, just 70 miles inland from the Gulf Coast, I honestly can’t remember a summer when we weren’t threatened by a tropical-something.  As an adult, in back-to-back years my family lived through direct hits from both Hurricane Ivan and Katrina while living in Birmingham.  Since moving to Charlotte, more than a couple of major storms have had us holding our breath.  What I’m getting to is that with all the weather watching of TV meteorologists and their “cones,” I’ve become immune to panic from them.  What changes this for me?  NASA.

At this point, Hurricane Ian is not a big threat to us, but when you see it from space?  It looks like it could be the end of us all.  How amazing are these shots from the International Space Station.  WOW!