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Honestly, once the teams are chosen, I can take or leave “The Voice.”  I’ll pop in from time to time and check out what’s going on, but I LOVE  the blind auditions that are the show’s trademark and begin each season.  It never fails that there’s at least 3-4 times a season that someone’s audition moves me to tears.  And what’s weird about this one is I’m not really a huge fan of the song…until now!

Massachusetts native Cara Brindisi came out and covered “former country singer,” Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” with some amazing country flair.  Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were first to turn their chairs and gave the contestant worthy praise. “I heard some twang coming out in your voice. And it was ringing my bell. It really was,” said Shelton.  Brindisi chose to work with Stefani as her mentor. And she’s going to be one to watch.  BTW-how funny is it to watch Blake and Gwen on here? And the whole alarm going off on Blake’s phone thing was a too married thing, wasn’t it?